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How To Move A Tempurpedic Mattress

When your mattress gets too comfortable, it can become uncomfortable for you! This is particularly true if you need to use the bathroom or get up in the night. If this happens, then it’s time to consider replacing it!

Luckily, moving a tempur-pilot foam mattress isn’t as difficult as some people make out. In fact, it’s not even that expensive unless you don’t do it yourself first. So let’s talk about how to move a tempur-pilot mattress!

Disclaimer: We have collaborated with AMS Manufacturing to publish helpful information related to moving a tempur-pilot bed frame here. However, we are not affiliated with them in any way nor receive compensation from them for mentioning their product. The content here is our own editorial experience and opinion.

Moving a tempur-pilot mattress doesn’t require special tools

Most of the parts of a tempur-pilot mattress can be moved using just common hand tools such as screwdrivers and wrenches. Some components like casters and wheels may require a pair of heavy duty binoculars or tongs to handle safely.

Loosen the mattress straps

how to move a tempurpedic mattress

When you pull up on one of the mattress straps, you should be able to slide it through easily! If this is not the case, then either the strap or the lock was attached poorly and will need to be repaired or replaced.

Make sure to save your old mattress straps for recycling. You can buy many different types of plastic sheeting at most home improvement stores for around $10 per foot. Since each side of a twin size mattress typically comes out to about two feet long, that’s enough to make several extra bed frame mattress straps!

Once you have found the cause of the tension and removed it, now you can work with the mattress down. Use furniture lifting tools (we recommend here) to lower the mattress onto a surface until it is set back and stowed away properly.

Remove the mattress

When you are ready to move your new mattress, you will first need to remove the current one. You can either pull it out with hoisting equipment or roll it up and carry it away on a dolly.

Removing an old mattress is quite difficult unless you have adequate lifting gear. Most people do not as they hope to save a few dollars by buying cheap furniture that requires professional help to move.

Luckily, there are several easy ways to remove a foam mattress without using heavy machinery. Here are some tips for moving a foam mattress easily.

Thrift stores and online sites offer great deals on plastic sheeting which you can use to wrap and protect the old mattress while rolling it up. Make sure to buy enough so that you have plenty left over for your new mattress!

Once it is rolled up, cut the plastic down the middle to make pulling it easier. If possible, try to take the weekend off to let the stress of moving fade away.

Roll the mattress up

how to move a tempurpedic mattress

If you are able to roll your bed up, then that is the best way to move your tempur-pused mattresses! This option can be done either online or in person at a professional moving company.

To ensure everything goes as planned, we recommend buying new padding for the box spring and cover set. You do not have to buy the exact same thickness of foam, but it should be similar.

We also suggest buying slightly thicker foam than what your current set has so that the weight is spread out more evenly when transporting the mattress. Make sure you check out our article about how to layer cushioning properly to get the most comfortable sleep possible!

Once the bed is rolled up, make sure to pack it using sturdy cartons or packing materials. We recommend getting two sets of boxes so you have one empty set and another filled with the rolls.

Leave enough room in each box for the frame to fit, and make sure there are no holes or spaces where dust could enter and settle. When loading the truck, try to keep the wheels from touching any other part of the box to prevent damage.

Place it in the box

how to move a tempurpedic mattress

When you are ready to move your mattress, first determine if you will have a helper or not! If you do, great, you are already more prepared than most people!

If you do not have anyone that can help, then you should know how to pack a mattress yourself. There are several methods depending on whether you are moving it up stairs or down ones, and what kind of vehicle you have.

The best way to go about packing any type of mattress is using a crate. These crates are made of sturdy material and come in various sizes and styles. They usually have plastic sheeting on the bottom so it does not get scratched during transport.

You will need one just for the mattress and another one to pack the bed frame with. Make sure both are very strong and durable! Also, make sure they are large enough to fit all of the pieces of the mattress inside of them.

Find a good place to put the box

how to move a tempurpedic mattress

When you decide it is time to move your mattress, choose a day that is calm and clear. You do not want your moving crew to be busy during this process as they may get distracted or help you with another part of the move.

Finding a safe spot for your new mattress can be tricky unless you have a lot of open space in your room. That is why it is important to find a location close by so you do not need to take too much out when you pack up your current bed!

If possible, try to transport your mattress on your own first without help. This will give you more control over timing and helps limit any potential mishaps. Once you have someone who can come along and help you, ask if they have a vehicle big enough to carry the mattress.

Most people know how to pull down car doors, so if yours does not, look online or talk to friends or family about tips for doing this.

Make sure the box is sealed properly

how to move a tempurpedic mattress

When you are moving your mattress, make sure that it is in its proper packaging so that it does not get damaged or stolen during transport.

Does anyone have access to their new bed? If so, has there been any trouble getting it into the room?

You may need to move it yourself if possible, or ask for help from friends or family. Or both!

If using a professional service, they will pack up the old mattress, wrap it in protective material, and put it in the truck with all of the supplies needed to unpack and set up the new mattress.

These professionals also check off the boxes on the list above as well as making sure everything is tight and secure.

Take the time to assemble and set up the mattress properly

how to move a tempurpedic mattress

The last step in moving your new mattress is to take it out of the packaging and place it where you want it. Once you have determined this, you can begin setting it up!

The best way to remove the mattress from its box is by using blankets or towels to hold down the lid as you pull it away. This helps prevent any damage to the mattress due to the weight of the package.

Once the top is removed, make sure to check the seams for quality. If there are some that seem weak or coming undone, re-sew them before putting the mattress together. Also, if one side of the mattress seems lower than the other, level both sides equally!

After completing these steps, let the person taking the mattress off know how to care for it correctly.

Tell your friends

how to move a tempurpedic mattress

Even though moving a mattress is not too difficult of a task, it can be quite tricky if you do not know how to handle it properly. If you are having trouble moving your new bed, there are several online resources that can help you!

There are many different websites with helpful information about moving a mattress. You may find videos or articles that give clear instructions for how to move a mattress. Many of these sites also offer free tips so that you do not have to pay to learn how to move a mattress!

By using these services, you will get lots of input from other people who have moved their same type of mattress before. By reading through all of the comments, you will probably find some tips and tricks that work for you as well!

These sites are a great way to gain knowledge on how to best take care of your mattress while getting useful advice from others in the process. They are likewise a good source of income via advertisements for brands of mattresses.

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